Cornerstone Kids

Preschool and Kindergarten


Ones Program

The one-year-old program focuses primarily on speech, music and art. This is usually the first time that a child is away from Mommy and Daddy, and is vitally important in beginning a positive school attitude. This program utilizes verbalization and gross motor skills in each activity. The one-year-old class is the most unstructured of the classes at Cornerstone Kids focusing on play as a learning tool. A child entering this class must be one before September 1 and walking.  Teacher-Student Ratio is 2:8

We have two options for one year old classes:

Twos Program

The two-year-old program builds on using play as a learning tool. The children will also have circle time and table time along with teacher-directed play. Emphasis is on sharing, taking turns, verbalization, gross and fine motor skills. Basic colors, shapes and counting are also introduced.  Teacher-Student Ratio is 2:12

The two-year-old program is broken into two class choices.

Threes Program

The three-year-old program continues with skills introduced in the two-year-old program, but more in-depth. Circle and table times are longer. Teacher-directed play is more defined with children following simple two or three step instructions. Along with colors, shapes, counting and prewriting skills, the alphabet is introduced and name recognition begins. Teacher-Student Ratio is 2:14

We offer these options for three-year old classes:

Fours Program

The four-year-old program is one of the more structured classes at Cornerstone Kids. Although teacher-directed play is utilized, more table and circle times are used. Emphasis is on name, letter, and number recognition. Teachers utilize the Get Set for School curriculum for language, literacy and math skills and Handwriting Without Tears curriculum for early handwriting skills. Listening skills are honed by multi-step instructions. The goal of the four-year-old program is to prepare the child for a positive year in kindergarten.  Teacher-Student Ratio is 2:16

We offer these options for four-year old classes:

Kindergarten Program

The Cornerstone Kids kindergarten program follows the Georgia Performance Standards and the GKIDS requirement for students. Our kindergarten program utilizes Fundations curriculum by The Wilson Group for phonics and early reading skills, Weekly Reader for science and social studies, and Hands-On Standards for math. Our students have a weekly music class, weekly library visits as well as weekly chapel lessons. Kindergartners attend school from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (Monday – Thursday) and 9:00 AM – 12:00 p.m.  (Friday). The goal of the kindergarten class is to prepare the child for a positive year in first grade.  Our Teacher-Student Ratio is 2:16


Chapel is held weekly for the 3s, 4s and Kindergarten. Chapel begins with singing Bible songs, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and Lord’s prayer followed by a short lesson which consists of Bible stories and biblical truths held true by all Christian denominations.  We teach one Bible story and Bible verse per month.  These stories and lessons are taught weekly in the classrooms.  Our children learn that “God made me and Jesus loves me.”

Music & Movement

Music is an important part of the Cornerstone Kids school experience and is used as a teaching aid in the classroom. Our music curriculum is implemented in all of our classes ages one - Kindergarten.  Students have the opportunity to experiment with different instruments, and music classes incorporate a lot of movement and dance.  Parents are invited to come see what the children have learned in music class a few times each year through music programs and parent participation classes.  


All Cornerstone Kids in our 3 year old classes and older visit the library weekly for Story Time.  Each child is then able to select a book to check-out to read at home. 

Our librarian visits the one and two year old students in their classroom for Story Time once a week.